Quick Tips

Check out some of the quick tips we provide our customers to help them protect themselves and their information.

Tech Support Scams

  • If you ever get a call claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support or another well known software company that you didn’t reach out to for support hang up! Never give them access to your computer or passwords. This is a well known tactic used by scammers to gain access to your information. Find out more about tech support scammers from Microsoft.

Scams Targeting Seniors

  • Catfishing is when a scammer pretends to be someone else in order to trick you into a relationship and, eventually, into giving them your money. We find it’s especially common for these scammers to target seniors. Check out this article on CNBC and this article on Consumer Finance for more information.

Keeping Your Information Safe

  • Always create a password that is not something easy to guess. Be sure to only give it to people you trust.
  • Make sure you are on a secure website before entering personal information.
  • Set up a Paypal account, Apple Pay account, ect. to keep your credit card information safe from hackers.
  • If you ever receive a strange email or message on Facebook, Twitter, ect. from family or friends don’t click on it! Strange messages with a link in them are a good indicator their account has been hacked. Let them know to change their password immediately to protect their information.

Receiving Strange Calls From Local Numbers

  • This is the newest phone scam, and the goal is to get people to answer their phones by using local phone numbers. Placing your number on the National Do Not Call Registry can help to cut down on the phone calls. Learn more.

Back Up Your Data

  • Backup your data often! The worst thing is losing data because of accidentally deleting it or because of a hard drive crash. Get an external hard drive or a cloud backup service or both! And make sure to set them up properly to ensure your information is always safe. If you need help give us a call at 732-914-8324.

Call Us!

  • If you have a problem with your computer be careful not to make the problem worse. Call us for same day service at 732-914-8324. Or click here to arrange a service request for us to come out to your home or business.

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