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Sonny Z. from Newfield, NJ

I wish you could give 10 stars! I can not speak any higher about John and his services! My parents computer was older and slower than anything…it also kept losing wi-fi connection. I called John and he said no problem..and he came and got the computer the SAME day! He even […] Keep Reading

Carol O. from Toms River, NJ

The best thing I’ve done for my MacBook. This took care of several issues I was having plus now it’s faster than when I first purchased it 9 years ago […] Keep Reading

Michael O. from Toms River, NJ

Very professional. Tech took the time to explain as he worked on the computer […] Keep Reading

Gerard P. from Toms River, NJ

John has the knowledge and patience to help you with all your computer and tv needs. He hung 3 TVs for me and put in a surround sound system that was not over priced. He also […] Keep Reading

Maureen T. from Toms River, NJ

Just had computer serviced today after moving to Toms River a few weeks ago. I have to say, this was the fastest I ever got my computer back from being serviced & the fastest […] Keep Reading

Ethan B. from Toms River, NJ

Fantastic service. Had a laptop that suddenly wouldn’t even boot up in the middle of work, feared I was going to lose all my data and have to buy a new laptop, however John correctly diagnosed the issue […] Keep Reading

Fred L. from Whiting, NJ

Very pleased with John’s professionalism. Came to my home assessed situation (needed new drive) in the afternoon and had my PC up and running […] Keep Reading

Eleanor L. from Toms River, NJ

I am so VERY pleased with the services that I received. Prompt and honest […] Keep Reading

Amanda C. from Sea Girt, NJ

Service was excellent! Both business and personal computers were fixed within a day […] Keep Reading

Tracy D. from Toms River, NJ

Thank you John!!! You saved me so much time being able to recover all my data! My new hard drive is […] Keep Reading

Sara R. from Toms River, NJ

John has been a miracle man. He saved me from spending big money to get a system to work, and he corrected my problem in no time. I […] Keep Reading

Laura R. from Toms River, NJ

I was extremely happy with their service. They came out immediately and helped solve […] Keep Reading

Jason W. from Toms River, NJ

Wow I was willing and able to bring my computer to get repaired but instead. After I explained my issue he walked me threw what’s wrong. And now its working. If I ever need help I will be […] Keep Reading

Katherine W. from Jackson, NJ

I can not say enough nice things about John, he was wonderful and very helpful! The power button on my laptop stopped working and was stuck down. John did a little trouble shooting over the phone to save me the cost of a service call. When that didn’t work he […] Keep Reading

Anne A. from Marlboro Township, NJ

John came to our home on Sunday afternoon to fix the computer. He was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the troubles and the solutions. My husband went to […] Keep Reading

Bambi R. from Toms River, NJ

I will spare you the gory details but recently a Windows 10 update rendered my computer completely useless! After exhausting all other options including […] Keep Reading

Jill O. from Toms River, NJ

Great job guys thanks for the help.  Always nice to […] Keep Reading

Mark C. from Toms River, NJ

This place is great. I came here on a friend’s recommendation. My old laptop’s motherboard got fried, so I asked them to transfer data from the […] Keep Reading

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