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What is remote tech support?

Remote tech support is a service in which one of our technicians connects to a computer from a remote location. This means our techs don’t have to physically come to your location every time you have an IT problem. Our expert technicians can also help talk you through an issue over the phone if there is no internet connection available.

Businesses large and small use remote tech support daily to help keep their business up and running and to minimize downtime in case a problem does occur. Individuals, as well, use remote support for the convenience of not needing to lug their computer in for repair or needing to have someone come out to your home for every little problem.

What kinds of repairs can be handled remotely?

Using remote tech support our technicians can access the specific computer, laptop, or server having an issue. With remote tech support we can help with issues such as:

  • Managing files and updating software
  • Running maintenance or diagnostic programs
  • Computer running slowly
  • Printer not printing or connecting
  • Slow internet
  • Accidentally deleted files

Remote tech support offers flexibility and convenience, so you can get help when you need it, without having to wait for a tech to come out to your location. This helps decrease downtime which is essential when the problem occurs on a business computer.

For more information about remote tech support and how it can work for you or your business give us a call at 732-914-8324 or click here to schedule an appointment. We’re always available to answer questions or discuss concerns.

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